Thursday, July 17, 2014

Queen & Adam Lambert Concert!

I have been a big fan of Adam Lambert since his first single came out.  Unfortunately, I quit watching American Idol maybe a year or two before he was on.  I regret not watching it and seeing him make his amazing way through the competition.  I have seen some of his YouTube clips, but it's not the same as watching it live and getting super excited when someone is as talented as he.
 I am also a big fan of Queen.  I absolutely love Classic Rock, especially the 60's and early 70's.  Every time I learn a certain song is by Queen, I am more and more impressed by their repertoire.

I heard Adam Lambert was joining Queen for a big concert in Europe two years ago.  I thought that he was so perfect for them.  A few weeks ago, I was thinking about this and wondering if they happened to have a concert DVD I could watch.  And then I got invited to see the Backstreet Boys.  I happened to look up the BSB concert on Ticketmaster to confirm whether it started at 7 or 7:30.  And lo and behold, I see a banner ad at the top of the screen that said QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT.  I nearly flipped.
I immediately started planning to go.  First, I asked my friend, Brady, if he would like to go with me, but he's being a frugal student for the next 4 years, and politely declined.  I knew I wanted to go no matter what, so I decided to go by myself.  Single seats are one of the best ways to get a decent spot a few weeks before the show, right?

I ended up with a great spot only two sections away from the stage.  
Before the show started, I patiently waited in line for a t-shirt.  I love t-shirts, and will collect them if they show off something I’m passionate about.  
Anyways, on with the show!
It was so awesome.  They played favourite hits interspersed with lesser-known songs, and newer stuff.  The mix was very tastefully done.
Adam was absolutely astounding.  I would watch him sing anything for hours and hours on end.  He was totally himself, and his stage presence was unbelievable.  He puts so much feeling and meaning into everything he sings.  During some of the songs I didn’t know, I wished I knew the words, because he was so expressive and passionate with every word!
Even though he was undoubtedly the biggest star of the show, the producers made sure to balance it out so the two members of Queen got their due.  
Adam went backstage a couple times and let the other guys shine.  There was a simple acoustic set, and later on there was a long drum solo/drum-off, and a guitar solo.  Classic rock stars at their best.  Incredibly entertaining.
The end of the show couldn’t have been done more perfectly.  The last song of the set was Bohemian Rhapsody.  They did it justice, no question.  It started out with Adam singing, and then went to a video clip of Freddie Mercury singing at a live show.  During the “Mamma Mia” section, they played the original music video with the four heads, etc.  They ended it off with a little bit of Adam, a little bit of Freddie.  It was absolutely perfect.  That ended the show.
After a few minutes, they came back out for the encore.  I had to think for a minute, because obviously, Bohemian Rhapsody is their biggest hit.  Finally, I remembered that they hadn’t played We are the Champions.  Of course!  How appropriate!  A very fun, very theatrical, very big song to end off the show.  Adam came out in a leopard print suit and a crown.  
The encore only consisted of this song, and they ended their show very simply and tastefully with a few bows and waves.  It was a very joyous, lovely way to end the show.  Absolutely perfect.
One of the highlights of the show was the disco ball.  Words cannot describe how unbelievably epic this was.  It slowly came down from the ceiling, and the light changed and moved all the way down.  It filled every corner of the arena.  Things like this are one of my favourite parts of live concerts.  You just cannot capture that in a photo or a video.  
Now, can I talk about Adam’s costumes?  So much fun!
He started the show in this little ensemble.  Studded leather jacket, shades, and platform boots.  Absolute rockstar.
I think this little ditty was my favourite.  That fringe!
And of course, the leopard print suit and crown.  
I had such a blast soaking up his essence.  He is one in a million.  :)
I am beyond thrilled that I stumbled upon this concert.  It is a memory I will cherish forever.  :D

Fun Upholstery Update

I haven't said it in a while, but I still love my job.  I am absolutely blessed.  We live in our own little world upstairs in our huge woodwork shop.  It's just the three of us, and it's very cozy.  Our workspace is close enough to the offices that we get an awesome wi-fi signal.  I found some big iPod speakers at a garage sale not too long ago, and I am the DJ.  I have the Slacker Radio app, and I love it.  The guys love music, and they seem to be happy with whatever I play.    I like variety, so I change stations every day, sometimes twice a day.    This is something I am thankful for every day.
 This week we are working on 57 booths.  These are the parts to cover the seats.  Above are the panels, and below are the sides.  I cut these out in just over a day, and it will take me about a full day and a half to sew them.
 This is what they look like on the finished product.  :)
 Downstairs, upstairs, everywhere, we are surrounded by piles and piles and piles of boothing.  I believe we are working on 3 different projects.  The guys downstairs are building these for us.  Often we build our own.  I love dabbling in woodwork.  The project we are currently upholstering consists of 57 booths, which includes a bottom base (usually covered in carpet or rubber), a top base, a seat, and a backrest.  All four pieces are approximately the same size when finished.  Lots and lots and lots of rectangles!
 Here are backrests on the right and bases on the left.  Top and bottom bases are almost the same.  Top bases get upholstered.
 Like this!  Bottom bases are left plain and covered on-site.
 Upstairs in our workspace, this is Jerry's current pile of backrests.
 And here is Jerry.  This is a great shot.  It captures his smiling face.  He's almost always happy.
 This is Juffrey.  Him and I get along extremely well.  We make a good team.  He is very good at upholstery, even though he only has 2 or 3 years of experience.  He's a perfectionist.  He does very nice work.  :)
 And last but not least, here's me!  I've decided to make a simple change and go for a 12-20 minute walk on my half-hour lunch break.  I say 12-20 minutes because that's the range I've ended up with in my first four days.  :)  The faster I eat, the longer I get to walk.  I'm pleasantly surprised that this is a habit that so far is really enjoyable.  I look forward to going, and I enjoy being outside.  This trail is about 4 minutes away from our shop.  It's quite lovely.  The rain didn't even stop me today!  I brought my jacket, and the skies smiled upon me and the rain let up enough that I didn't need my hood.  It was merely spitting.  It felt really good after our little heat wave.  :)
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Adventures in Hair Colour - Part 3!

After giving my hair a test run for two weeks, I decided it was still a bit too yellow for my liking.  So, I went to Superstore and spent about 20 minutes trying to decide on a hair colour.  I finally chose Clairol nice'n easy, Natural Light Ash Blonde.
 The "predicted colours" on the back of the box looked better than the L'Oreal version.
 Even with the wet colour on my hair, it already looked better!  And a few minutes after this, I was starting to see a lot of burgundy/purple around the edges, which indicated that this ash colour had the right tones in it.
 Ta-Da!  It's absolutely perfect!  It ended up looking almost exactly like the colour on the box, just a tiny bit lighter, since it was bleach blonde.  
 I absolutely love it!!!  It's so perfect!  I have dreamed of having my hair this colour many times over the years.  I never thought I could acheive it, until now!
Now I have a formula I can use to bleach my hair and colour it myself.  If I so choose to go this light again.  But heck, it's summer!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Adventures in Hair Colour: Part 2 - Blonde!

When we left off in the saga of the failed do-it-yourself hair colour, this is what my hair looked like.  Really, it's not that bad!  (those are the exact words my hairdresser said when I showed up today)  But it's not blonde.  My hairdresser said it was Gold.  As a natural ash girl, I have never been a big fan of Gold.  At least, not on my hair.
 So I let the professional handle it.  She bleached me and then coloured me.  All very expertly, I might add.  I love my hairdresser.  She's so many kinds of awesome.  She's super fun, too.

So, now I'm blonde!  I just compared myself to the L'Oreal box of Medium Ash Blonde, and I'm actually a shade lighter.  And I'm okay with that!  When you go blonde, you might as well go blonde.  With hair this short, it's never a permanent change.  It'll grow out into lovely streaks.  I never have "root" problems.
 Ultimate Bathroom Selfie!!!  Tee hee!
 Under the yellow bulbs in the bathroom, it looks more golden.
 But it's not lighter than my pasty pink skin, and it's actually a lovely shade of beige.  And I'm going to use purple shampoo so I can help put a tinge of ash into it as well.  
I think I quite like it!  As with any drastic change, it will take a couple weeks to get used to.  But I like it!  I really, really like it!  :D

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Adventures in Hair Colour

So, this is me last summer.  This is my natural hair colour.  I let it grow out for several months, so there were no streaks left at all.
 Here is another example to show you.  My hair colour is naturally a shade of medium ash brown.
 I have been streaking it with Revlon Frost and Glow pretty regularly for about 10 years now.  I'm lucky enough that the bleach blonde looks nice and light on me, without turning red, like a lot of people have trouble with.
 This is 3 months ago.  A nice shade of ash brown with nice bleach blonde streaks.  Right?
 So, I was talking with my hairdresser.  She figured my hair is close enough in shades to be able to colour it Medium Ash Blonde.
 These are the "expected colours".  Mine would end up probably on the bottom.  I was hoping for something close to my natural shade, maybe a little bit lighter.  Right?  (The actual samples look much more ash than this.)
 Nope!  Not even close!  I didn't even see any hints of purple as I was colouring, which would indicate an ash colour.  Even my leftover bleached streaks aren't the right colour.  (This pic is taken right in front of the window, so it's got quite a hint of blue light.)
 I would describe it as a light shade of auburn.  
The only thing I'm glad of is that it didn't end up darker.  It's like my natural colour, only more red, and less ash.  
 This is after I styled it.  It's not terrible, but it's not even close to what I wanted.
 This is me laughing at my botched attempt at do-it-yourself hair colour.  
I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, cuz we go camping on Friday (yay!).  I guess I will also be getting my colour fixed.  Bahahahahahaha!  Thanks a lot, L'Oreal!