Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hamilton - Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

I previously shared one photo from my iPhone with you of the plane outside the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  Now you get to see the rest of the photots.  :)
This is the fighter jet that you saw before, this time from a different angle.
I'm starting to see how fighter jets evolved into spaceships.  Speaking of space, check out this flight suit. The more G's the pilots had to endure, the more technology they had to develop to keep them from passing out, and to keep them comfortable for long flying days.
There were so many planes to look at.  What a cool place.
There were a couple jet engines on display.  The engineering that goes into these just blows my mind.  
It was a very colourful museum.
The seats in the cockpits are all so tiny!  I imagine most pilots would have had to be like jockeys: very small.
This one was a bit more roomy.  Really fun to sit there and pretend...
…and wonder what all those little knobs and switches do.
Did you know that planes that are painted yellow are for training?  An old pilot/volunteer walked over and told us that.  I love bumping into people that are so passionate about what they love.
I also really enjoy seeing memorials, and reading the stories about the fearless people who did such amazing things during the war.
I also can't get over how young they all were in WWII.
This plane was really cool.  These were very common during the war.  And really huge!  I couldn't get the whole thing in one shot!
It's a big fighter plane, and there are spots at the front, on top, and at the back for gunners.  Again, very small spaces.
Underneath was what I can only imagine as the place where bombs fell out of the sky.  Pretty spectacular, and haunting at the same time.
Here is another story of a young war hero.
Another plane had a whole bunch of guns sticking out the front.
A lot of the planes had cartoons painted on them.  Cartoons were huge back then.
Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.  I love Snoopy.  He's still one of my all-time favourites.  I read all the Peanuts comics from the library when I was a kid.
There were a few models throughout the museum.  This one is an aircraft carrier.  Now I want to go to an aircraft carrier museum!  Perhaps Pearl Harbour, someday.
On the far side of the museum was a huge area where they were working on restoration.  What an undertaking.  I salute the people whose job it is to do this.  
These planes are absolutely spectacular.
Here is an example of restoration.  On this side, we have BEFORE.
And this is AFTER.  Pretty incredible.
This was a really fun outing.  Great way to spend a rainy day!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Niagra-on-the-Lake - Jet Boat Tour

Today we went on a jet boat tour from the mouth of the Niagra River to within 3 miles of Niagra Falls. Wow. It was awesome. It was a combination of sightseeing and excitement. For the first few miles, we had to go slow because there were so many sailboats parked along the banks. Then we sped up until we reached some rapids. We played around a few times at each spot, most of which were class 5 rapids, and at the very end there were class 6 rapids and a huge whirlpool. Boats can't go any farther up river because you would have to climb a 20-25 foot waterfall thingy. I know, I'm so technical. Lol

We also passed between the Canadian power plant and the American power plant. And we passes under one of the three bridges that joins Canada and the US. 
When I get back, perhaps I'll scour Google for photos and maps and satellite views to supplement this post. It was really fun. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ontario Vacation - Hamilton - Warplane Museum & Dundurn Castle

Today was rainy, so we decided to do some indoor sightseeing. 

I took my photos with my camera today, so you'll have to wait until next week to see everything. I just have a couple pics from my phone to share with you. 

First, we visited the Canadian Warplane Museum. 
Then we went to Dundurn Castle and went on a tour. 
It is a mansion built in 1835, and restored to look like 1855. Absolutely fascinating.

It had a big fenced garden out in the big beautiful yard. 
I can't wait to share the rest of my photos with you. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ontario Vacation - Hamilton - State & Main

Today Tyler and I began our 9-day vacation to the Golden Horseshoe area of Southern Ontario. Our friends, Jeff & Jen, will be joining us next Friday, and we will return home together Sunday night. Some of our highlights include a Blue Jays game and Niagra Falls. 

Tyler and I flew to Hamilton early this morning. The Hamilton airport is so cute and tiny!  We got off the plane from a ramp outside. We got our rental car and decided to find a place to eat lunch. 

State & Main was one of the options that google gave us, and I remembered that this was one of the restaurants that we did a few months ago. 
I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. Perhaps it's the fact that this is one of the furthest locations we've ever done. I was enthralled. 

I've seen the guys down in millwork working on these panels of randomly arranged wood, and never imagined that they would be transformed into something this beautiful. 
The chairs were not done by us, but the boothing and the padded elbow rails at the bar were. The elbow rails were *perfect*.  If you squint, you should be able to see them. 
We did all the millwork, metalwork, and tabletops. Well, the other guys in the shop did. This scrollwork is done on the CNC machine. 
Everything looked amazing. I would have loved to take many more pictures, but I was trying to be sneaky and discreet. I told our waitress and the hostess. They thought it was pretty cool that I worked on this stuff. 
This is the only U-shaped booth. It looks awesome. This is one of our most perfect 45-degree corner booths we've ever done. 
How do I know that?  When we first built it, we were flabbergasted with what an amazing job we did. 
The only place I noticed any flaws was along this long stretch in front of the window. Whoever installed this did a pretty sloppy job. 
These booths were perfect when we tested them at the shop. This one was over 1/4" out of place. Tsk tsk tsk. Sometimes we have no control over this. We just do the very best we can and hope that the installers pay attention to detail. 
When we left, I caught sight of the waiting bench. I was especially thrilled with this, because I personally made this whole thing by myself. I was very proud of myself. Check out how the curve matches at the front corner. :)  We were so busy when we finished this project that I didn't get to take a picture. So for me to be able to see this, this far across the country, is an absolute treat. 
I hope my boys at work enjoy seeing these as much as I did!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rock 'N August Car Show

Yesterday I decided to tag along with Ty and our neighbour Kevin and his son Kalen to the Rock 'N August Car Show. Kevin has two '89 Mustangs, and Ty often helps him out by driving one of them to local car shows. 
I haven't been to Rock 'N August for years, and I think I went to a Thursday night concert in front of St Albert Place. 
Apparently, it has grown a lot since then. The bulk of the car show took place at Lion's Park, which is a lot bigger than I thought. You can see the concert stage above. 
There were over 800 cars registered, and lots of them parked by the river trail. 
This was the view by our spot. Quite close to the train bridge. 
We brought our lawn chairs and sat a little, but we mostly walked around and took everything in. 
The Farmer's Market was very close, so we walked over there and I got some veggies and a big bag of kettle corn, my favourite thing to get from the market. 
It was relaxing to just wander around and take it all in. You can tell which people are serious car enthusiasts. They can often be seen having deep discussions with others who share their passion. 
Neither Tyler nor I are big car buffs, so we were mostly impressed with the most creative or interesting cars. 
I tend to notice the upholstery, of course. Especially if it's colourful or creative. 
I knew hearses were a "thing" at these shows, but I didn't know there were actual clubs for them!
They are extremely colourful people, despite their interest in all things black and morbid. 
I didn't get any pics of the backs, but they all had coffins hanging out of them, and plenty of spooky characters lying around. 
I will let the rest of these cars speak for themselves. 
Before we left, Kalen and I went over to the far side of the train bridge to capture some pics of the happy ducks. 
The Sturgeon River is not a very nice river at the best of times, and this year it is very low, and full of yummy green algae. But I notice that ducks and geese seem to be pretty happy as long as they have a puddle of water. I do love this bridge, though. Pretty impressive. 
Here are Kevin's Mustangs. Ty drove the white convertible, and Kalen and I were passengers. What a gorgeous day for a joyride. I had a blast. 
And of course, we couldn't close out the day without an official picture of father and son in front of their cars. Notice their matching Mustang hats and t-shirts. :)
What a great day. I'm so glad I went along. It was quite fun.