Saturday, March 26, 2011

Orange Camouflage Cargo Capris - Burda 7991

So, I decided to finish my cargo capris before I start making bathing suits.
Burda 7991
I figured it would only take me 2 hours to get these out of the way.  Ha ha.  Remember, I'm a slow seamstress.  They took me 3 hours and 45 minutes to finish, for a total time of 6 1/2 hours.  My first pair only took me 6.  Tee hee!  It never ceases to amaze me how slow I can be.  Oh well.  I attribute the extra half hour to the contour waistband I had to make, since I'm not a big fan of the straight waistband on my first pair.
Vogue 8131
I used the contour waistband from Vogue 8131.  I attempted to make these pants once, and they were so huge!  The only thing I remember liking about them was the waistband.  It hugged me just right, and was so comfortable!  In order for the waistband to fit properly with my capris, I shaved an inch off the bottom of the band.  It's very wide to begin with, so this was a good adjustment.  Once I had the contour waistband sewn on, I pinned the center back seam and tried them on to check the fit.  So far, so good!  

Check out how bright my zipper is.  I tried taking some close up shots, but the colour didn't show up as well.  It's bright!  Here you can also see the pocket yokes that I love so much.  What a great design feature!  Most comfortable pockets ever.  They always lay flat, and the front of the pants is always smooth.

Now that they're done, the waistband is more comfortable, but it's a little tight at the top of the sides.  I'll let them out by 1/4" on each piece next time, for a total of 1".  The pants sit a bit high right now, so I think I can afford to let them out a bit so they fall a bit lower.
I can't get over how much these look exactly like the line drawing.  Granted, with this crazy print, you can't really tell, but my red ones look just like this!

I still have to add snaps to the waistband, the cargo pocket flaps, and the tabs at the bottom.  I'll do that this week at Dad's upholstery shop.  So much more fun than making buttonholes!
Here's a detail shot of the back.  I love topstitching!
I can't wait to wear these!  It feels weird sewing summer clothes right now.  Spring has arrived on the calendar, but Mother Nature has yet to be informed.  Around here, it's been below freezing and snowing and blowing like crazy.  
Oh well.  In exactly 2 weeks, my hubby and I will be checking into our resort and basking in the muggy heat of Mexico.  I hope my pasty white skin doesn't scare away the locals!  Yikes!


  1. Fantastic! Your top-stitching looks perfect. Have fun wearing these!

  2. These are fantastic. Love them!

  3. I love these and they look like they fit you really well.