Sunday, March 11, 2012

Swimsuit #2 at WEM Waterpark - Jalie 3134

I really loved my first Jalie swimsuit, but after wearing it to the pool, I soon discovered that it was too short in the torso, and didn't feel very comfortable!  I put up with it for a few weeks until I had time to make a new one.  Or rather, I waited until I had an opportunity to go to the World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall, and had to make a new one that fit.
 I added an inch to the waist length.  I also omitted the piping.  I used this cute rainbow stripe fabric, and cut all the accent pieces so the stripe would be going crosswise.  I even managed to sew my lining in the right way, and now you can see the hawaiian print when you look at the inside!  I sewed the cups and the elastic in the same way.

 I didn't try on the suit until I was completely finished.  Did I mention that I finished it at 8:00am the morning of the waterpark trip?  We had to be there by 10:00.  It was last minute, but I didn't feel rushed, and I really enjoyed the process.  I love that I can make the whole thing by just sitting at my serger.
 When I tried it on, I was thrilled to discover that 1" in length was all it needed, and it was finally perfectly comfortable!  By the way, I took these pictures a few days later.  I didn't have time to have a photo shoot that morning!
 Even though I pulled the elastic tight at the back of the waist, it still gapes.  Next time, I will take a 1" wedge out, essentially making a swayback adjustment.  And I will still pull the elastic at that spot.  
 I'm very happy with this suit.  Although after making 2 suits with prints on a white background, I've discovered that they don't go well with my pasty white Canadian skin.  I knew that this time, but I wanted to make this suit out of something I had lots of, and wouldn't mind if the fitting adjustments didn't turn out.  
 I still love the way the back band joins the front and swoops down, even though the stripes are perpendicular at the side.  Who's going to see that close under my armpit?

 At the waterpark, my friend brought a waterproof camera, so I borrowed it and got some fun pictures.  This is a really cool shot that shows off how big the waterpark is.  I haven't been here in 7 years.  We used to come all the time when I was a kid, and I have many great memories of this place.  

I rode almost every single waterslide!  Yes, even the crazy loop-de-loop one, and the super steep "Sky Screamer".  On those 2, which are the most extreme, they put you in a capsule and shut the door.  Water runs down behind you, you cross your ankles and cross your arms over your chest, then this automated voice counts down: 3...2...1...then the floor drops out from under you!  The anticipation is scarier than the ride itself!  Man, what a thrill!
I had an absolute blast for 4 solid hours.  I rode over a dozen waterslides, and jumped waves in the wave pool (where I am in these pictures) until I was worn right out.
 I had such a blast, I'm getting some friends together to go back again soon!  And having a new swimsuit that fit made it that much better!


  1. You're lookin' good! I mean you AND the swim suit! Love the action shots, too!

  2. Very cute suit! Your swimsuits look so good. I am so tempted to try one! Whats funny is I don't know how to swim, sighhh shocking I know. I can dog paddle with the best of them though! :O)

  3. Looks like a really fun day! Your suit is super cute too. I have this pattern but haven't had a chance to make it yet (or the 2 Kwik Sew suit patterns I bought when the PR sew-along and contest was announced!)

  4. Really great job on the swimsuit! You have one of my votes on the PR contest. Too fab not to get it. lol

  5. Beautiful swimsuit! I was thinking of buying this pattern, and I'm glad to see it turned out so well!