Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Corrin's Birthday Hoodie! - Jalie 2795 - Version 3

Shortly after I made my first hoodie, it dawned on me that Jalie patterns come in every size!  So I decided I would make my friend Corrin a hoodie for her birthday, which is today, by the way.
 I picked out some sweatshirt fleece from Fabricland, and it was 50% off.  Bonus!  It's really gorgeous fleece.  It's thick and oh so soft.  So snuggly.
 I sewed it up this weekend while watching 5 DVD's on my laptop.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
 I sewed up the size FF.  I'm guessing this pattern runs big.  But I'm not sure of Corrin's exact measurements.  I had them before Christmas, when I made her PJ pants, and I mostly remembered what they were, but I couldn't remember the exact bust size, which is the most important.  And Corrin has also lost 30 pounds since then, and I'm not sure how many inches she's lost, but I'm sure it's a few.  So, in short, the hoodie is a little too big.
 I will be taking in the side seams 4" total, and that will help make it wearable.  It probably needs to be taken in more, but I can't mess with it too much.  I'll just have to make her a new one in a smaller size!  
 She loves her birthday present and happily posed for me, including these cute sassy ones!
 I sewed the whole thing with orange thread in my serger and my sewing machine.  It looks really good against the burgundy.
 I think the orange zipper has a slimming effect.  And it will be much more slimming once it gets taken in. Other than the fit issues, I'm very happy with it, and so is she.
 Happy Birthday, Corrin!  I was so thrilled to be able to make this for you!  Now we're twinsies!  


  1. That was nice, what you did for your friend.

    I was just looking at the swimwear contest on PR. I really think you should whip up something and enter. You really do make fabulous swimsuits and can model the heck out of them. :)

  2. Thanks, Shams! I'm actually making myself another swimsuit today! I'll pop over to PR and have a look at the contest. Thanks for the heads up!