Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kimono Sleeve Top; Round 2 - Burda 7866

I whipped this up on Friday night after supper.  I thought it would only take me an hour.  Apparently, I'm slow.  It took me an hour and 55 minutes, which is only a 10-minute improvement from the last one.  And I only sewed my seams once, not twice.  Hmm...  Call me a slowpoke.
I wanted the stripes to all be going sideways, but the main pattern piece looks the same no matter which way you turn it, so I accidentally cut the stripes vertically instead of horizontally.  I didn't even notice until I sewed the waist seam and saw that the stripes were perpendicular.  Oh well.  It still looks good this way.
Overall, I'm quite pleased with this top.  It's bright and funky, and very comfortable.


  1. I think the perpendicular stripes are awesome! C'mon, you totally did that on purpose, right?

  2. I love fun prints. This looks great!

  3. LOVES! It looks great! What a Happy Accident with the stripes!