Monday, February 13, 2012

Colour-blocked Hoodie! - Jalie 2795 - Version 2

I finished my second hoodie!  Good thing, too, because I wear that poor bright pink one every day!  Now I can let them take turns.
 I used a whole bunch of random scraps of sweatshirt fleece.  In fact, I had to use blue ribbing for the cuffs and waistband because I barely had enough blue for the sides and top of the sleeves.
 I'm really happy with how this turned out.  However, I think I need to acknowledge that I'm a bit thinner than I used to be, and I need to make a smaller size.  I took in the waist and hips 2", but the ribbing is really loose.  I also added an inch to the width of the bottom of the sleeves, and that solved the tightness problem, but again, the ribbing is loose, and they hang way down now!  They're about 1 1/2" too long now!  But that's okay.  I'll wear this hoodie when I go bike riding or something that requires me to reach forward a lot.
 It is very comfy, and I will wear it to bits.  I love the way the colours turned out.
 These are my kind of colours!  I absolutely love the combo of orange and blue!
 I'm so thrilled that I've managed to make 3 garments for myself in 2012, and it's only the middle of February!  I think that's a record!  :D


  1. Now you have this pattern well and truly nailed you will be taking orders - and mine will be first in line!!!!! Looks fantastic...

  2. I loved the pink hoodie and the swimsuit and this hoodie, ummm can you just do two from now on in everything. One for you, one for me :O).

    Hoodies are a must have!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm making this hoodie in black/grey/green as my first try at making a jacket.