Sunday, August 28, 2011

Roller Derby Stagette!

I was invited to a stagette last weekend.  These were my instructions in the invite: The theme is roller derby (fishnets, short shorts, knee high socks) and the colours are black, white, and pink.  I thought, awesome!  I love stagettes!  Especially the ones where you get to dress up, cuz that means I get to make a new outfit!
Burda 8179
I've had a hankering to try out this pattern for a while.  I figured not a lot of people would be wearing white shorts, so I copied view B almost exactly, except for the overall bib.  I'll have to try that some other time, cuz I love overalls!
I was almost thinking about making these shorts a bit longer, but I thought, aw heck, it's just a stagette!  Besides, I absolutely love how the back pockets go right into the hem.  So, I decided to sew them as is.
I cut a straight size 18.  For reference, these shorts have about 2" of ease in the hips.  They fit perfectly!  Burda does it again!  

For fun, I used 2 strands of slinky, shiny hot pink thread for my topstitching.  I love me some topstitching!
Here is my test fit before the buttons and the hem.  The back hem of this pattern was too short by 1/2".  The side seams, inseam, and the pocket placement lines didn't match up.  I just moved the pocket up, and sewed the seams without adjusting.  I ended up cutting off the extra 1/2" from the front, and I hemmed them 1".  
I managed to find 6 funky white buttons in the button jar my mom gave me.  Score!  I decided to be safe and sew the buttons and buttonholes with white thread.  When I make these again, I'll use contrasting thread.  
Here are the finished shorts.  They really are very short, but you know what?  I like them!  My problem with short shorts is that they tend to ride up.  These ones are so short, that they just kinda stay there.  Also, the only fitting issue I have is that the center front needs to be cut down by at least 1/2".  Again, this is a normal alteration for me.  
These shorts took me exactly 4 hours to make.  It seems like a lot for such a small garment, but there are a lot of nice details on them.  I'm sure it wouldn't take any more time to make longer capris or pants.  It usually takes me about 6 hours to make pants, so this is pretty good!

I love the buttons.  And look at that fit!  I love these!  They're so awesome!  
I love the back pockets.  I guess I love anything with a different design element.   Plus, they're so easy to topstitch!  You don't have to worry about getting your corners straight, cuz there are no corners!
I don't think they look terribly short.  Maybe it's because they fit and they're not skin tight, but as you can see here, heck yes, they're short!  I think that inseam is about 1 1/2".  Surprisingly, I don't mind!  And I like the fake fly topstitching on the front.
Wouldn't these be so boring if they didn't have contrasting topstitching?  I can't wait to make more shorts, capris, and pants out of this pattern.  I really like the button plackets.  It's kinda nice not to have to fiddle with a fly zipper.
To finish off my outfit, I made a tank top.  I picked out some awesome plaid spandex from the dancewear section at Davey Fabrics.  I love everything about this!  It was $18/m, so I measured exactly and figured I only needed 0.7m.  Saved me $5!
I used my tailored racer back tank top pattern from Simplicity 5000.  I made a few adjustments.  I added an inch to each strap to drop the neckline and bust down a bit, I shortened the torso an inch below the bust, and I added an inch to the hip.  I whipped this thing together in 38 minutes, because I was running out of time.  I didn't hem it or finish the armholes and neckline.  I figured nobody would notice, and they didn't.

I sewed this whole outfit the day of the stagette.  I snapped this picture right before I dashed out of the house.  I stopped at an accessories store on my way to the stagette.
And here she is in all her glory!  All I need now are knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet, and some rollerskates!  
My roller derby name is THE SCREAMSTRESS!  I didn't even think it up myself, it was one of the other girls!  Fantastic, hey?
The bride, Amy, is on a roller derby team, hence the theme.  She's wearing my stagette veil!  It's been passed on a few times, and I'm happy to say that Amy finally managed to break it!  It's had a good life.  :)
The bride and bridesmaids made these incredible t-shirts.  They screen printed Amy's roller derby picture on the front, then they spray-painted them with hot pink and black.
This is the coolest part.  They wrote out their roller derby names on the back in masking tape and sprayed over them.  I love how they turned out!  Their names were: BRIDE ZILLA, JULIE JAW BREAKER, KATIE KARNAGE, ALIKATRAZ, and ANITA NOTHER SHOT!  I love it!!!
We went to a big country bar later that night and had a blast on the dance floor.  This is all of us dancing on the speakers.  All the white we were wearing looked great under the black lights!
A few of us also got to ride the mechanical bull!  I thought I would do really good, but I only managed to stay on for 8 seconds!  I guess that's appropriate, right?  So much fun!!!


  1. Thank you for your review. My daughter is making up this pattern and has found the same problem with the shorts. Your review was extremely timely.