Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amy's Black Vinyl Corset - Vogue 2810

This is probably the coolest thing I've ever made.  A few months back, I was daydreaming about how many different ways I could make corsets, because I wanted to start selling them.  One day in the upholstery shop, I was sewing some vinyl pieces together and topstitching them (which is one of my favorite things), and I got inspired to make a vinyl corset!  I immediately dreamed up the colour combo: black vinyl with red topstitching and a red zipper.  Amy immediately came to mind.  We took Fashion Production together in College, and she was always dressing gothic.  Almost everything she wears is black, and she loves to throw in a little red to spice things up.  I thought this would be perfect for her!  This is essentially a trial run to see if the vinyl would be usable in a corset.  Turns out, it works!  
I rifled through the giant stash of vinyl at my dad's upholstery shop, and I found this satiny slippery black vinyl that wasn't too heavy or too thin.  I borrowed some red upholstery thread, and I went home and got to work.  I wasn't sure if my Juki industrial would be able to handle the vinyl like my dad's heavy duty upholstery machines can, but I tried it out, and everything was great.  Heavier vinyl probably wouldn't work as well, but this weight seems to do the trick.  It's so cool.  It looks like something batman would wear.
Here is the inside layer of denim and interfacing.  The boning is sewn to this layer.  The bust is a size too small.  I let out the bust a full 2".  Also, the zipper is too low.  When I sewed the zipper in right up to the top edge, it zipped up perfectly.  I was a little wary of how tight the vinyl was when I sewed it together.  Thankfully, it has a bit of stretch to it, and when everything was finished, I finally relaxed and knew it was going to fit.  
I am so thrilled at how this corset turned out.  Amy is just as ecstatic as I am.  She's wearing it for Halloween.  I can't wait to see what she's come up with!  As soon as I get her glammed-up photos, I'll post them.  

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