Monday, May 31, 2010

Scott's Halloween Costume - October 2009

Scott had this idea for a long time. He wanted to be Ron Burgundy, aka: Will Ferrell in Anchorman. He ran this idea past me over a year before we decided to tackle the project, and the details we talked about back then were almost exactly the same, right down to the rust orange colour choice.

I went shopping and found a really great colour of rust/burgundy courderouy, and some cotton for the shirt that was nice and tacky. Twigs and flowers anyone?

I learned a few years ago that 70's patterns are cut way differently than the stuff we wear today, and I knew that if I went vintage, that it would have a more authentic look. I scoured e-bay and found this lovely batch of 70's patterns, and they arrived about 2 weeks before Halloween. Time to get busy!

I made muslins of everything, just to make sure it was all going to fit.

The shirt pattern was a size 34 chest, and Scott is a 46, so I used my grading skills I learned in college and made the pattern bigger. With one minor tweak to make the armholes a bit lower, the shirt fit him perfectly.

The pants and suit jacket were already a size 48, so I whipped them up just the way they were and made a few minor changes to the muslins. Both the jacket and the pants were too big, so I just needed to take them in a bit.

The sewing process was fun. The shirt was my favorite. It has double topstitching all over it, and I loved that I got to use snaps instead of buttons.

Scott came to pick it up in the afternoon on Halloween, and Mom and I were playing with different wigs, since we were getting dressed up that night, too. We had a black page-boy wig, and we made Scott try it on. It was horrible. He looked like a girl. But then we turned it around, and the hair just fell every which way, and he looked like he just stepped out of the 70's! He added a gold chain and some aviator shades, and the look was complete.

He looks pretty good, doesn't he?

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