Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dr Seuss quilt in progress

Back in October, I decided to pop into our local quilting store, as I hadn't gone in there for a few years.  That very week, they had just got in a new shipment of Cat in the Hat/Dr Seuss fabrics!  It was love at first sight!  I didn't have time to buy any that day, as I was on my way to an appointment, but I snapped a quick picture and stewed over it for a week so I could decide what I wanted to make and how much fabric to get.
The next week, I went in and bought enough to make a lap quilt using a very basic patchwork pattern called Yellow Brick Road.  My mom made a small quilt from this pattern, and I loved how big the squares were and thought it would be perfect to show off the bright colours of the Dr Seuss fabrics. 
Yellow Brick Road
I've been excited about working on this quilt for months, and in January, I finally dug in.  In approximately 4 hours, I cut and sewed 40 blocks.  I love quilting!  It's so fast, and talk about fun!  Woo hoo!
These are the fabrics that are in the blocks.
This will be the border.  
This will be the back.  The idea is to make it reversible.
When I bought my fabric, the sales lady asked me, "Do you have kids?" I said, "Not yet, but this is my kinda fabric anyways!"  I love bright primary colours, and have always loved Dr Seuss books.  I'm going to enjoy this quilt so much, and when the time comes that I have a little one, it will be the perfect size for a toddler bed.  

I can't wait to lay all my squares out on my bed and get them all put together!


  1. Hi. Love your dr seuss fabrics. Have you made any more of the quilt yet?

  2. Not yet. i have some sportswear essentials that I need to make first, but hopefully I'll get to it this fall. I can't wait to lay my squares out on the bed and rearrange them!

  3. Hi, Kristin. Are you still making your quilt? I have a Dr. Seuss that I am starting.

    1. Yes, I am! I still have to put borders on it and finish it. Hopefully this year or next. :)