Friday, October 12, 2012

Creative Stitches Show - Sept 15 2012

I've been to a couple Creative Stitches Shows in the past, but I've never sat in on any of the classes.  They're all free, and they're basically lectures put on by the sewing "experts" in their respective fields.  I learned a few different tid-bits throughout the day.  Those seasoned pros really know their stuff!

The first class we went to was about free motion quilting.  She showed us how to use wash-away stabilizer to make your own lace.  Or seaweed, in this example!  Cool!
This is a great example of free-motion quilting.  It's really much simpler than it looks.  You start in the middle circle and do a basic design, then you work your way out, one ring at a time.  Pretty amazing.
We got to meet Shauna Case at her booth.  She's teaching my first quilt class!  I'm quite excited to learn some new techniques from a designer!  She's really easy-going and friendly.
This is the penguin quilt I'll be learning to do.  It's so cute!  I can't wait!
As we wandered around, we saw lots of creative things on display.  I love this.  I'm going to call it a Llama, but it could be any number of 4-footed, hooved animals.  I want socks like that!
There were a few scrapbooking booths surrounding this huge work area.  If I was a scrapbooker, I would have such a blast at an event like this!
This is a Dr. Seuss kit.  Most of these fabrics are not in my Dr. Seuss quilt (to-be-completed, hopefully in the next few months).  I really like the splash of lime green!
And how about a funky elephant?  There were so many creative things to see.
I bought 2 jelly rolls (both batiks), 10 fat quarters, a quilt pattern, and 3 half-yard batiks.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of my treasures!  I haven't cut into any of them yet.  I like to finish something before I start the next thing, and I'm still plugging away on boy quilt #1!

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