Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sewing Night - Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 13 2013

The last few sewing nights have been more quiet.  Feb 27, we had a decent sized crowds, but the shenanigans were kept to a minimum.  Perhaps it was because a couple of the "trouble-makers" were away.  In any case, we had a great night.  

Tara (she's coming soon, but you haven't met her yet; she works at the upholstery shop with us.) donated a bag of old jeans to be cut into squares for rag quilts.  Emma had to check that out right away.
She fell in love.  Cats are so funny.
They finally got some pictures of me!  Here I am enjoying freshly mixed iced tea, and making a goofy face that turned out hilarious!  :D
Fast forward to Mar 6.  It was a very quiet night.  Only Corrin came, after her yoga class.  I took advantage of the quiet and finished 2 repair jobs, and started working on my beach dress for my birthday party on March 16.  I'm having a beach party instead of a St Patty's Day party this year.
This is one of the half a dozen maxi dress patterns I bought last year.  I was really hoping I had more fabric, but alas, I have to settle for the short version.  Oh well.  It'll be cute, too.
I got it laid out and pinned, ready for the scissors next week.
And on March 13, I did get it cut out.  I also got to coach Allee again.  She came to the shop for the day, and practiced sewing on the industrial machine.  This girl has natural sewing talent!  I can't wait to watch her hone her skills.
 She's making a sweater out of this pink camouflage fleece.  She got all the primary seams sewn, serged, and pressed.  Next week, we'll conquer the sleeves, cuffs, shawl collar, pockets, and bottom band.  It reminds me how easy fleece is to work with.  It's about time I make myself another Jalie hoodie, I think!
It was another quiet night.  For the first half of the evening, Allee and her mom, Sue, hung out with me, and later, Corrin came.  She brought cake, since it's my birthday week.  Aw!  She's such a sweetie.

I will take lots of pictures share a post about my beach birthday party, and my beach dress.  Stay tuned!

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