Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kitty Pictures!!!

I have a couple of random posts planned for you guys, but right now I only have time to share these super duper cute pictures of my kitty, Lucky!  Who doesn't love a cute kitty picture, amirite?

Here he is helping me fold laundry.
 This is a pic from my actual camera, and I think it looks positively magical!  All my other pics lately have been from my iPhone4.  I was puttering around in my mess of a sewing room, and he decided to jump into one of my bins.
And this is the number one cutest picture of Lucky I have ever seen, and it captures him to a tee, because he is always upside-down.  And his eyes are just adorable!
 Happy weekend!  I'll be back later with some other random goodies.  :D

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