Saturday, April 16, 2016

Random Sewing Updates

This is a random post done on my phone, so these are all new photos. I would love to show you some before and after pics of my sewing room, but since I'm not even halfway done revamping it, I'll save that for the big reveal. In the meantime, here's what I've been up to. 

I'm loving our church quilting bees. I have volunteered to take on more of the workload, so in addition to participating in the quilting bees at church, and taking home some of the quilts to bind the edges, I have offered to sew quilt tops. 
Jane cuts all the squares, and then she gives me a big box and then I make quilt tops out of them. 
I've been having a blast with how many options there are to play with when you have a giant pile of squares. 

This green one is my favourite so far. It looks so cool in real life!  I've been using graph paper to draw out my designs before I start sewing. Then I can simply sew one row at a time according to my drawing. 
And I've been trying to use up the fabrics that have tons of squares. Later on when I have only 2 or 3 of each one, that's when it'll get really creative. 
I love this one, too. I feel like it has a Dutch blue plate kinda vibe. Cute, right?
I wish you could see this one in person. It is so gorgeous!
After I finished enough quilts for this month's bee, I concentrated on diving into my sewing room revamp project. I bought a new shelf and desk at IKEA in January, and it feels great to finally put them to use. 

This is my old desk. I also had a smaller one beside it for my serger. While it looks really cool, it's not very practical. It's too big, just gets covered in clutter, and it's really hard to get at the shelf. So I took it out. 
This is my shelf. It will go on top of the existing shelf and give me way more storage. I will put my sewing books and binders in the top shelf, put do-dads and accessories and stuff in the second shelf, and the remaining 4 shelves will be filled with clear plastic bins. I have 4 full of patterns, and the other 12 contain most of my fabric stash. It's amazing how much fabric you can fit in a 12" box. 
Lucky is chilling out on the cardboard boxes. Lol. 
Today we had our quilting bee. It was fun, as usual. There were only 6 of us, and we still managed to get 8 quilts done!
It was really cool to work on quilts that I had made. 
We put royal blue yarn on this one, to bring out the lonely blue stripes. It looks so cool!  I just love it. 
We used peach yarn on this one. 
I always have so much fun at our quilting bees. It's great to contribute our talents to such a great cause.  These blankets go to Mexico through Canadian Lutheran World Relief. 
Today I built my new sewing desk. So streamlined!  I love it!
When I finish my revamp, this will go right in front of the window. I can't wait!  
I'm excited to keep digging through all my piles of crap and come out the other side with a whole new sewing room. Nothing gets the mojo going like rearranging a room, amirite?!

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  1. Love that sewing table! Seems just the right depth. You're very talented!