Saturday, July 23, 2016

Simplicity 2690 - Version 2

Having lots of projects (pattern and fabric pairings) picked out does not necessarily mean that it's easy to decide what to do next.  So, I figured I would follow my attention and simply pick the one that seemed to stand out from the rest.

I decided to make another top from Simplicity 2690.  I had this one figured out as soon as I finished the pink version.  And of course, I was super excited about this pattern since I fell back in love with my pink version last weekend.
I chose the leftover fabric in this funky geometric, variegated knit.  I think it's an ITY (I still don't know what that means, lol, but I know it's not cotton.)  I have a maxi dress frankenpattern already cut out from the rest of it.  It will be pretty epic.  The variegated colours run from purple at the very top, to dark blue at the waist, and then sort of what you see here from the neck down, but with more of a flow of colour down the skirt until the full border print on the bottom.  I'll get to that one soon, it's pretty awesome.
My original plan in my head was to have the variegated colours flow smoothly from the top down, but I had a limited amount of fabric, and I ended up having to flip the lower back piece upside down to get it to fit.  And I had to add a seam at the centre back.
So, I have the border print on the front, and not on the back, but in squeezing the two pieces as close together as I could, even though they were upside down, I managed to get the print kind of matched!
So, aside from there being a tiny bit of a difference between the blue on the bodice, and the lighter turquoise of the bottom, it's pretty darn good!  And no one will ever notice.
Once I had the main pieces together, of course, I had to try it on.  I was pleased with how comfy it was just hanging loose, without the elastic at the midriff.  But while I was trying it on, I tested out the modesty panel that sits in the V.  This was my original choice.  As you can see, it totally blends in, and the shape of the V disappears.
So I cut one out of white, and it looks much better!
I lowered it a smidge, and I was ready to sew it down.
Note to self, only sew it down at the waistline intersection.  Wait until the elastic is in before pinning the upper portion in place.  The elastic changes the dynamic of the fit.  If you look closely, you can see that the right edge kinda leans to the right.  And in wearing it, it gaped a bit, and I ended up unpicking it and moving it over by about 5/8".  When I stitched it in place, I simply followed the outer line of my coverstitching.
Look how my border print is *almost* centred!  I didn't plan this, and I am lucky that it got so close.  I just cut it out on the fold, and it worked itself out!
Near the beginning of construction, I had to do all my coverstitching, because the neckline has to be done before the waist seam is sewn.  So, I sewed the seams of the skirt, the little bit of the armholes, and the shoulder seams, and then I coverstitched the neckline, the armholes, and the bottom hem.  It's kinda nice to get that out of the way near the beginning, because as soon as the elastic is in the waist and the modesty panel is sewn down, it's finished!  I was very pleased with how my back neckline turned out this time.  Last time I missed the tightest part of the curves, and it was threatening to do it again this time, but I pinned it, and it worked!
Can you tell by the smiles on my face that I am much more thrilled with this project than my last zebra print dress?  I am super thrilled, and feeling flattered.
I have more curves on my front and back than I do on the sides, so I like when patterns show off my curves.
See?  I'm literally a rectangle.  I see no difference between this view and the one above with no elastic.  But the curves show up when I stand sideways.
This time, I added an inch to the bottom of the front bodice, all the way across.  The result is that the side drops down a little toward the back, and I think this is how the pattern was designed anyways.  I like the angle.  And I love the armholes.  I always wear a little cami sports bra over my bra, so I don't have to worry about showing my bra on the sides.
This design is cool and breezy, and I love having lots of air at my armpits.  LOL.  I did an extra little bit of coverstitching across the bottom of the armhole, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Kinda finishes it off, and it helps add some stability to the slashed seam.  I'm also pleased as punch with how the orange thread just absolutely fits right in.  I didn't have to change thread colours when I started this, and we all know how nice that is!  
Who else picks projects based on the current thread colours in the sewing machine and serger?  I do!  And I love how on the two far sides of this photo, you can see my orange serger thread on the left, and my orange sewing machine thread on the right.  Tee hee!
I love this shot.  It's a cute pose, but I look like I'm staring at the floor.  All my other photos have the happiest expressions on them, and then there's this one.  LOL.  I love them all.
I am one happy camper!
See my shamrock necklace?  I bought that for myself a couple years ago, because my birthday is on St. Patrick's day, and the shamrock IS MY JAM.
The other night, my friend, Kristi, and I went on an historical walking tour of our downtown, and it was so much fun!  We learned about what old buildings were on what corners, and learned about some of the founding members of the city.  So much fun!  So, after the tour, I asked her to be my photographer.  
I love these shots!  I finally feel like a fancy sewing blogger with real posed photos with lovely outdoor backgrounds.
And I took one more photo the next morning when I unpicked and tightened up the modesty panel by 5/8" on the right side.  Much better!  It's the little things...
And now I am starting to work on the third instalment of this trifecta of Simplicity 2690.  This was my original plan, but I'm super happy with how the sleeveless knit ones turned out, and I'm sure I'll make more.  I can't wait to dig into this one.  It will be fully lined, because it's sheer, except for the sleeves.  So excited to finally get to this one!  I've had it planned out for at least 5 years.
Thanks for reading!


  1. It's so cute! You did a great job on this one and I love the fit!

  2. I love the fabric, it's such a fab and funky design. The top is a great shape and perfect for a relaxing day. XxxX