Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bridesmaids - July 19, 2008

My mom did most of the work on the bridesmaid's dresses. I helped out with sewing some of the muslins for fittings, and we both worked as a team at the end to get everything done. Without her, it wouldn't have been possible. Thanks, Mom!

We managed to find the most gorgeous orange/pink irridescent duipioni silk, and we even found organza in the same colour! It was the colour of my dreams! It was so gorgeous, that I was a little disappointed that I would have to wear such a mundane colour as white! I wanted to be a bridesmaid!

The 2 dresses for the older girls took a few fittings to get right, but in the end, they turned out wonderful.
Mackenzie's dress was the easiest. And it was so cute! It was Mom's idea to make her muslin into something useful, so we made her a halloween dress. Mom sewed the dress, and I added the pocket and patches.

Everyone who's seen the pictures loved the colour. Not too many people have an orange wedding party, and I still haven't seen anyone use a colour like this!

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