Thursday, September 9, 2010

Simplicity 2442 - Bolero Jacket for Rita

I did alterations on a green/brown printed chiffon dress for Rita a while ago, and she asked if I could make her a matching jacket.  I wasn't sure if I had any patterns for a cropped jacket, since I've never looked for one myself, but it turned out that I had 2 patterns in my stash.  Both of them came with dress patterns.  Rita chose Simplicity 2442.  I liked the details of this pattern.  I love the darts that extend into the stand collar, and I like the gathering at the top of the sleeves.
Simplicity 2442 - View F
We went fabric shopping at Fabricland and found a nice green satin for the jacket, and since it was fairly thin, I decided to use the cheaper, stiffer polyester lining to give it more body, rather than the thin and drapey rayon Bemberg lining.  Besides, it was cheaper.  Easy decision.
The pattern I had started at size 14, and I wasn't sure if Rita would be smaller than that.  She's tall, so like me, she's bigger than she looks.  She measured up an inch smaller than the 14, but she says she has broad shoulders, so I was comfortable using the 14.  It fit perfectly at the shoulders, with enough ease that she can pull her arms forward and not be constricted.  I took in the side seams and center back seam 1" each at the waist.
The dart/collar construction was very easy.  I love it when cool designs come together so simply.

The lining is only meant for the bodice, not the sleeves, but since the satin was so thin, I decided to beef it up and line the sleeves as well.  I didn't use the sleeve facings, as I only had one day to make this jacket (including a lining fitting at noon), so I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to finish the sleeves properly.  I just turned them under an inch and topstitched.
I was quite impressed with this jacket!  Being short-waisted, I would never even consider wearing a bolero jacket.  I decided to have some fun and try it on.  As an 18, it was obviously too small for me, but I squeezed it on anyways. ("fat guy in a little coat", tee hee!)  I loved it!  I even like the gathered sleeves!  I think it would look really cute in black satin to wear with dresses, or even with jeans and boots.  And, I confirmed that I would definitely need to make it a size 18, because going up only one size definitely wouldn't cut it.   I love when I get to try on styles I normally wouldn't think of.  That's one of the perks of sewing for others.

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  1. Beautiful blog!

    I am a size 18, taller and curvy girl--I am in the midst of a dress hack (turning a not-quite-long-enough mermaid skirt into a strapless dress, and adding a bolero to the mix). I found your site looking for anyone who had worked with the Simplicity 2442 bolero before. :-)
    I loved your explanation of the FBA on a bridesmaid's dress. Thanks so much for explaining.