Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cargo Capris - Burda 7991

I was so excited to finish wedding season that I sewed these pants for myself the Monday after Lindsey's wedding.

I've had terrible luck with pants patterns in the past, so I decided to give Burda a try and test out "The Pattern that Fits".  I measure a size 18, so I checked the finished garment measurements to see if they would be huge, like so many other patterns.  I was pleasantly surprised that there was not a ridiculous amount of ease in the hips (less than 2", and that's including the pleats in the front).  I decided to be brave and cut a straight 18.  As I was sewing, I was being cautious, and I was ready to do any alterations if the need arose. I didn't have to change one. single. thing.  I think Burda may have won over another fan.  
Burda 7991
I love these pants!  I've had my eye on this pattern for a long time.  I bought it ages ago for $1.99 in a bin of patterns at Fabricland.  I loved the design so much, I planned out at least 3 pairs of capris.  When this pair fit perfectly, I was thrilled.  

I wanted to add some pizzaz to the back pockets, so I copied the stitching design from a pair of my jeans.  Turned out rather well, I think!
One thing I love about these pants is the pocket yokes.  I've never had this feature in any pants I've made before, and I love it.  It keeps your pockets from flipping the wrong way, and it makes the front fit nice and smooth under the pleats.  I'm going to incorporate this into every pair of pants I make from now on.  Genius!
The only thing that I kinda sorta dislike about this pattern is the placement of the back pockets.  They're a little low.  They don't look that bad, now that I've gotten used to them, but I moved them up 1 1/4" for my next pair.

In my excitement after finishing these, I cut out my second pair the next day.  I have them half done.  I'm kinda glad I didn't finish them right away, because after wearing my first pair for a few weeks, I've decided that I'm not a big fan of the waistband.  I'm going to use a contour waistband instead.

I love the snaps they used on the pattern picture, and I just happened to have access to the very same snaps at my dad's upholstery shop.
I'm a very happy girl!  This is the first thing I've made for myself since I snuck in 2 pairs of PJ pants for myself at Christmas amongst the 13 pairs I decided to whip up for Christmas gifts.

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