Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lindsey's Bridesmaids - Courtney

The idea for the bridesmaids dresses was to make simple skirts with ribbon embellishment, and have each girl wear a top of a different design.  For Courtney's top, we chose View D from Vogue 8251 (The turquoise one at the top of the picture).  She has a very slim figure, so we decided to give her a little extra oomph by using the side ruching from View A & B.
Voge 8251 - View D
I wanted to use a semi-circle skirt pattern, but I didn't think I had one, and I ended up trying out the lining fittings for all the girls with 2 other patterns.  They didn't work at all.  I racked my tiny brain and I eventually remembered the overskirt I used for my wedding dress.  It was from the same pattern I used for my petticoat, and I remembered it was such a full skirt that it was even too big to fit over my huge petticoat, so I had to take it in!  It was the perfect choice.
Simplicity 5006 - Petticoat patterns
I sewed up a skirt muslin in the same lovely green cotton I used for Lindsey's overdress muslin.  It's inside out here.  I cut a size 14, and it was just big enough that I could use it for all 3 girls, and I just pinned it in at the waist, and took that amount off the side seams.  What an easy pattern!  
 Courtney's top here is a straight 14.  It fit very well, but it was a little loose around her ribs, and it was a tiny bit snug around her hips.  She's got more curves than the pattern!  Bonus!
 The straps are very wide.  I like them, but on Courtney's thin frame, they were a bit overwhelming.  Lindsey voted that I take them in to be only 1" wide.  They were the perfect length, though.
 I'm a sucker for anything with a racer back, so I absolutely loved this pattern.  I can't wait to make one for myself.  I finished the back edges with a rolled hem, as per the instructions, and the stretch satin was a dream to work with.  It turned out beautifully, and it fit perfectly across her back.
 The front tucks are very cute, and I loved how easy it was to finish the upper edge of the top with a band.
This is how the top fit after I took it in at the ribs and let it out at the hips.  Much better.  The straps are also 1" wide here. 
 I experimented with the straps until I figured out how to make it look more criss-crossy.  I sewed the straps together in one long loop, and I crossed them at the top closest to her neck, and fed them through the strap holes in front, and the lower strap is just straight through.  I think it looks very cool.  It's just pinned here (the bulky bit on the left).  It looked even better when I sewed it closed and pressed the straps.
I love the ruching down the sides!  I simply sewed 1/4" channels on the side seams, and inserted elastic, as per the instructions.  We tweaked the length of the elastic a couple times until it was just right.  I sewed them down close to the top and bottom edges.

I sewed the outer layer of the skirt, and I just pinned it at the center back to make sure it fit.  It was perfect.  I added an invisible zipper and lining after this.

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