Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lindsey's Wedding Dress - Fittings July 11 & 13, 2010

Now that our lovely green cotton overdress muslin has all the kinks worked out of it, I can finally dive into that gorgeous ivory silk satin!  It was such a joy to work with.  All I had to do was put a fresh needle into my machine, and I didn't get one single snag.  I'm only taking half the credit for that; the other half goes to the excellent quality of the fabric.  I love working with expensive fabrics!  I wish I could afford to work with them all the time.  They're an absolute dream.
Close up of pleats
 I sewed the bodice pieces with one layer of lace overlay, and I tucked the lace right into the dart with the satin.  I also sewed curved pieces to the corners to give it a more feminine look.
Bodice pieces with lace overlay
Sewing the rest of the overdress together went really well.  Everything behaved as it should.
Front of dress sewn together
 When Lindsey came for her fitting on Sunday morning, we spent a lot of time fiddling with the lace.  The bodice pieces looked a little plain with only one layer of lace, so we decided to put 2 instead.  I also spent a lot of time pinning and re-pinning the cap sleeves.  
Lindsey with a mess of lace pinned all over her
After Lindsey left, I spent the rest of my Sunday sewing all the changes we pinned, and adding the invisible zipper to the back, as I wanted to make sure everything fit before I put it in.  I had my best luck ever with the zipper.  It's my most perfect one yet!  How fitting, as it's on the most important garment I've ever put an invisible zipper into!
My most perfect invisible zipper ever!
 On Tuesday, we had another fitting to double check that all the changes I made worked out.  Looks pretty good to me!
Front view
Back view
Close up of bodice with 2 layers of lace

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