Monday, December 31, 2012

Landon's Quilt

 I was thrilled with how fast my second Boy Quilt went together.  Getting 80 squares prepped for 4 quilts was the hard part.  Once I got them all arranged and assembled, all that's left is to put borders on them and finish them!
 I finished off the quilting and binding in about 3 hours this weekend.  I had a blast doing it.  I just winged my design, and it came together quite nicely!
 I did zigzags on the border, and I bound the edges in blue flame cotton, one of my favourites.  I was even wearing my matching pants that day!
 I chose a simple quilting design of just sewing lines around and around and around, and I got them lined up with the squares, and it ended up fitting perfectly once I got to the middle!
 My friend Nina and her son Landon came for a visit on Sunday, and I made sure to wrap his quilt in paper so he could rip it to shreds.  He didn't disappoint!
 I had fun watching him explore his quilt, and also chase our cat all over the living room.  Kids are so much fun!  He's about a year and 8 months old.
 I will let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.  :)

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