Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas PJ Pants

Merry Christmas!  It has been 3 years since I've sewed a pile of PJ pants for Christmas presents.  Most of the flannel I picked out was in my queue for PJ pants for 2 Christmases ago!  It feels good to get a bunch done again.  

For this batch, I made 5 pairs.  I'm making 11 in total this year.  Including one for me!  I only had to buy flannel for 3 pairs this year.  The rest had been bought 2 years ago.  And this pink Snoopy flannel was in my stash.  I made my mom a pair out of this ages ago, and it must've been on sale, because after another pair, I still have a bunch left!  These are for Allee, my 14-year-old friend who loves to sew.  She saw this in my sewing room and requested a pair of PJ pants.
 This funky neon animal print is for my brother's girlfriend, Elisha.  This was one of the 3 flannels that I bought.  I found this at Fabricland.  Isn't it awesome?  I knew she loved animal prints.
 I made 2 pairs of these camouflage pants.  One for my dad, one for my husband.  
 And these Homer Simpson pants are for my husband.  He loves the Simpsons.  I honestly can't remember where I found this flannel.  Isn't it awesome?
Allee got her pants and posted this on Facebook for me.  She says they fit perfectly and they're her new favourite pyjamas!  I always love hearing that!
 Elisha absolutely loves her pants!  She wore them to bed Christmas Eve (we had a sleepover at our grandparents' house), and all day Christmas day.  They fit perfectly!
It's nice for me to see the pants on people.  It  confirms for me that the patterns I use fit really well.  The pants I make for myself are from a different pattern, so I'm glad to see that other bodies fit in them.

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  1. Great looking pj pants! They are excellent gifts, in my opinion.