Saturday, May 17, 2014

My New Job

I left my dad's upholstery shop last summer (very amicably), and after some much-needed down time and a couple odd jobs, this March I got a full-time job as an upholsterer at Woodwork & Pub Interiors. It's 10 minutes from home, and I absolutely love it!
We do boothing for restaurants and pubs. Most of it is from scratch. We build the booths down in the woodwork part of the shop. Walter is our supervisor. He does all the computer drafting for the millwork and boothing. 

This is our CNC machine. It cuts curves. 
These are pieces for simple corner booths like the black ones above. 
Walter is very smart, and this month he designed some incredible curves. Jerry got to upholster these. 
Jerry has 30 years of experience, and Juffrey is his nephew. I love them both. They're so much fun to work with. 
And last but not least, this is me!  This was back in March. I got to recover some RV cushions for one of the bosses' friends. Quilted with 5" squares. So fun!
Oh and I get to wear these totally awesome steel toed work boots. : D
I absolutely love my job!!!  


  1. Ok the boots alone would make the job fun :O). Congrats to you!

    I see you have one the same perks I do at work. Wearing a cap to work! LOL I always tell my DH if I couldn't wear my cap to work it would really make getting ready for work a lot harder LOL. 15 minutes and I am out the door ... you have to love that.

    I was reallllllly hoping I would get to learn upholstery at my new job, well new not really its been almost a year now! But as of yet that has not happened. I do all the roman shades and any other window treatment that has a cord and pulls up and down. I like it but I would LOVE to learn upholstery!