Sunday, July 27, 2014

This is why I haven't been sewing...

My sewing room is a mess!
 I took these pictures in January.  This situation has not improved.  If anything, it's gotten worse.  There is a spare bed under there somewhere.  LOL
 So, this weekend, our condo had a garage sale.  The condo board (which my husband is on) decided to rent a dumpster.  Yay!  
 So, far, I haven't found much garbage.  95% of my stuff is going to be donated.  I'm ready to purge!
 This is the junk closet.  You can't even walk in here.  I would like to get this set up with a small table and a couple sewing machines, to free up more space in the actual bedroom.  
 I have about 6 sewing machines, and I intend to use about 4 of them.  I would also like to save up for a separate coverstitch machine.  Mine is an 8-thread Babylock, so it does both, but it's nice to have a separate one when doing lots of knits.  I'm also saving up for a corner sewing cabinet.  A really nice one.  Costs about $1700.  And I'm worth it.  :D

So, today I started in earnest.  I already accidentally found a permanent home for my laptop!

This is one of my sewing cabinets.  There's a nice Singer in this one.  But I don't intend to use it until I get more organized.  So, for now, it will be home for my computer.  I brought it in here so I could listen to my iTunes.  It's such a perfect spot!
Anyways, I better quit blogging and playing on the computer and get back to work!

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