Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adventures in Upholstery - 7'4" Bench, Anyone?

As a break from doing lots and lots of restaurant boothing, we got to upholster a very long bench.  It was fun.  Now I want one.  Mind you, quite a bit shorter.  This one is 7'4".  You could fit two small people in there!

Erickson is photobombing.  I love it.
 We made a 3" seat cushion for the top.  Done exactly like all our other booth seats, so that wasn't much of a stretch.  Except for the ridiculous length!  It's nearly twice as long as most of our booth seats, which usually fall between 48" and 66".  This one is 88".
 Juffrey is admiring how nice and tight he made this.  *Smack!*  
I love my job.  We are having so much fun working together as a team.  Good things are happening!