Monday, June 14, 2010

Amy's Renaissance Wedding Dress - Second Fitting - March 2010

After I did the alterations on Amy’s wedding dress, or should I say, chemise, my next step was to sew up a bodice fitting and a puffy sleeve.

I used my favorite corset pattern and sewed up a fitting with white twill and interfacing. I then used one of the medieval patterns and sewed up the bodice with a square neckline, and a sleeve to match. I didn’t have any extra cotton laying around, so I had to get creative. Pretty colourful, hey? I kinda like the plaid. I may have to use that idea some other time…

I pinned the white corset on her, then I put on the bodice, and pinned it to the corset. My plan was to morph both of these together, that way, I would have a neckline and shoulders attached to the corset.

I was pleasantly surprised with the curve of the bottom of the purple bodice. We wanted the skirt to be attached in a V pattern, and this looked absolutely perfect! I traced the lines onto the corset, and then I measured the length to the floor in several places, so I would know how long to cut the skirt pieces.

We also decided to add elastic to the sleeve on the three bottom lines of trim, to help the sleeve stay put, since it tends to fall down if it's not tight enough.

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