Monday, June 14, 2010

Amy's Renaissance Wedding Dress - First Fitting - Feb 2010

Amy came to me with the most incredible wedding idea I’ve ever heard: a Renaissance theme. She had already bought a gorgeous white wedding dress, which she calls her ‘chemise’. She wanted me to sew a Renaissance overdress to wear over her wedding dress. She sent me a package with sketches, details, and several Medieval patterns. After going over all her ideas, I came up with the following sketch:
She came for her first fitting in February. Our first step was to pin her wedding gown alterations, and go fabric shopping. I pinned up her hem and a bustle at the back of her dress.

Her alterations were very easy, since the dress fit her like a glove. That’s always a good thing.

Check out the ruffles on the back of her dress! I spent 7 months working at The Bridal House last year, and I’ve never seen anything like it! She wanted the ruffles to be shown off, so the back of the skirt of the overdress will be open to fit around the ruffles.

We spent the afternoon fabric shopping. It was a very long day, but at the end, everything came together. These were the results:

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