Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quilting Bee, Bathing Suits, and Tank Tops!

This morning, I went to a quilting bee at our church to help make blankets for Mission 2 Mexico.  There are tons of quilt tops ready to go, so we just set up tables and clamps, and layer a flat sheet on the bottom, followed by some polyester batting, and then the quilt top.  We tie them with coloured yarn, and then trim the sheet and fold it over to make a nice, neat 'binding'.  
They go very fast!  Today, four of us managed to get 5 done in about 2 hours.  It's a lot of fun!  I volunteered to sew all the binding, since I have an industrial machine.
Tonight, I sewed together my 4 pairs of blue bathing suit bottoms.  They took me about 2 hours.  Cutting is the most time consuming, and I got that all done last weekend.
This is how I feed the clear elastic into my serger.  I love it when you rediscover a technique that changes the way you think about sewing.  The possibilities are endless!
Seeing as I'm running out of time to get things sewn for Mexico, I decided not to make the reversible knit dress.  I'm not sure how long it would take me, but I'm guessing at my speed, it will be at least an 8 hour project.  Last weekend, while I was discovering how much fun it is to work with clear elastic, I was inspired to make some racer-back tank tops.  I was planning on making some from this pattern anyway, but with the clear elastic method, I won't have to use binding for the neck and armholes.  They should whip up very quickly.
Simplicity 5000
These are the first 3 fabrics I picked from my stash.  The dark grey will go with my orange camouflage pants, as will the light grey, and the pink will go with my beige RTW capris.  
I'm not sure how many of these I will manage to get done.  I only have part of Sunday and part of Thursday to make 2 blue bathing suit halter tops, and possibly these tank tops.  Wish me luck!

In exactly a week, my husband and I will be enjoying the live entertainment at the resort for our first night there!  I'm getting excited!!!

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