Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tank tops!

I still can hardly believe that I managed to squeeze 3 new tank tops into my last-minute sewing in the 2 days before I left for Mexico!  Yay, me!

Anyways, I've changed this pattern so much, I don't think I'm even going to post a review.  The only thing I really kept the same is the shape of the racer back, and by the time I make more, it will be altered even more.

I knew the armhole was going to gape, so I compared it to a tank top that I already had and estimated how much to close the armhole.  I trasnferred the armhole dart and opened up a bust dart.
The side seams don't even resemble the original.  For one thing, I added about 4" of length, and the curves I used are very custom fitted to my body.  Essentially, I think I came close to an 18-16-14, but that's based on my New Look sleeveless top.  It never ceases to amaze me how little curve I have in my hips.  When I sew for pears, I look at those 'hip flanges' (as I like to call them), and I can't imagine how they're possibly going to fit, and then they try it on, and presto!  Their curves fill out all that shape.  On me, the hip flanges always stick out.  
I copied the center back from the New Look top, as it had some curve to it, and the Simplicity pattern was straight.  I did a 1" swayback adjustment (I think this is my first ever!).  It helped a lot.  I think I'm confident enough to do this on everything I make from now on.  I have more curves at the center back than I do on the sides!  Weird.  But it fits!

I cut out the light gray one and sewed it together and made a few adjustments before I cut into my next 2.  I traced my pattern and this is what it looks like.  It's almost completely straight except for the bust dart and a slight indentation at the waist.  And a lot of curve at the center back.
Since I was doing a lot of assembly line sewing, I knew I would have to sew all 3 just the way they were, and if they needed further tweaking, well too bad.  I have at least 5 more fabrics in my stash that want to become tank tops, so I'll have plenty of time to tweak them one by one until I get a perfectly tailored pattern.  
Once I got the elastic sewn to the neck and armholes, they all kinda hiked up a bit.  Next time, I will lower the armhole by a good inch or more, and I'll cut into the back of the armhole and scoop out the racer back a bit.  And I may lower the front neckline, but I'll wear them to the gym a few times before I decide that.
All in all, I'm happy with all of them.  The dark gray one is my favorite because of the texture and drape of the fabric.  It's so soft and comfy.  The other 2 are wearable.  The pink one is very thin and will be great for hot summer days.  I think it might be a knit tricot.  It was kinda hard to work with!  But it was good practice for thin flimsy fabrics.

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