Friday, September 16, 2011

Emily's Tinkerbell Dress - Simplicity 3902

My friend Nadine's daughter, Emily, had the most awesome idea.  She had this Tinkerbell play tent, and she thought it was so beautiful, it had to be turned into a dress.  So, she gave it to me and I got creative!
Here are the 3 panels I used:
I knew I wanted a dress with princess seams, so I could get the most mileage out of those panels.  I found Simplicity 3902, and I fell in love with view B, which is the sleeveless version with lacing at the waist.
I found some dainty yellow ribbon in my stash (I used it on Jen's wedding dress), and I stitched it down in a cute criss-cross pattern.  I think this detail just makes the dress.  
Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?  I had so much fun with this!  I didn't stop until I was done, and after that, I hung it up and admired it for a while.  So pretty!
I cut the size 10, and I added 6" to the bottom of the size 14 hemlines, so it would be floor-length.  Tink's panel was slightly shorter, so I left it hemmed as is, and just swooped the sides up to meet it.  It ends up giving Emily just a little room for her toes to peek out.  Super cute.
I eliminated the center back seam so the blue fairy could really shine.  I moved the zipper to the side seam.  The other fairy just couldn't be left behind, so she ended up next to her friend.  Isn't this fabric gorgeous?  The shading, flowers, and lights are just spectacular.
I serged all the seams, topstitched down the neck facing, and serged, turned and stitched the armholes, and the hem.
This was intended to be a play dress, so I whipped it together as fast as I could.  I did this dress in 3 hours and 20 minutes!  Not bad!  
I called Nadine and got her to do Emily's hair before I brought the dress over so we could do a photo shoot.  Emily was so cute!  She was kinda shy, but I could tell that she absolutely *loved* her new dress!
This is our "princess coming down the staircase" picture.  Gorgeous!
 Emily, you look like a Fairy Princess.  I hope you love your new dress and wear it to bits!


  1. Ah, so sweet! You are so generous with your sewing time!

  2. Your Emily is the spitting image of a girl who lives across the street from me, who incidentally is also named "Emily"! Can't wait to share this post with their family!