Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventures in Upholstery - Boat Covers

Dad and I have been working on a few boat covers lately.  Up here in Alberta, most folks take their boats out of the water after the Labour Day long weekend.  It's a great time to take the ol' boat to the upholstery shop to get a new cover!
I love working on boats.  This was my first experience helping Dad make a fitted cover, and I loved it!  It's a lot like draping, but the boat is a solid object, so once you fit it, it stays put!  It's amazing to see the progress.

 We start up front at the windshield and lay a piece flat and trace around the edges, then we take a huge piece to cover the back of the boat and do the same thing, then we sew the 2 seams together, and little by little, we fit it around all the edges, and eventually, it turns into a lovely, custom-fitted cover!
Dad riveting snaps to the side of the boat
Ta-Da!  Doesn't that look great?  So much fun!   
Here's hoping the weather stays nice.  We did this one in August, we just finished 2 this week, and we have 3 more boats coming in October!  And no, we don't specialize in boats.  Sometimes, things just come in groups.  Tis the season!


  1. You guys really do beautiful work! It seems like it would be a challenging sewing job. I bow before you. :)

  2. Thanks, Shams! Not so much challenging as large, and time-consuming. It takes us about 2 days to make one of these. Upholstery sewing requires less precision than garment sewing.