Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Costumes!!!

Last weekend, I went on a road trip to Calgary to visit my friend, Melanie.  She's my Fashion College buddy.  This was not part of our original itinerary, but she happened to have a brochure for this exhibit lying around, and once I saw it, I had to partake in this wonderment!  So we went.

Outside the museum, they have a few of these giant signs.  Captain Jack was the first thing I saw as we walked towards the museum.  OMG!!!  Johnny Depp is my favorite actor of all time, so I had to get a picture next to him!
At this point, I was all hyper and giddy, so of course, I had to have some fun with it...
 The exhibit was all in one room, with a few dresses with trains draped on a platform in the middle, and the rest of the costumes were arranged around the walls.
I will let the costumes speak for themselves.  Enjoy.
Finding Neverland - Kate Winslet (this was Mel's favorite)
Finding Neverland - Kate Winslet
Sherlock Holmes
Miss Potter - Renee Zellweger
The Illusionist - Scarlett Johansson
Underpinnings for Jane Eyre
Phantom of the Opera
Ever After - Angelica Huston
Sense & Sensibility - Kate Winslet
Casanova - Heath Ledger
If you're interested in more information, click this picture for a closer view.  These costumes all come from the London-based costume company, Cosprop.
 Here begins the display for The Duchess.  With no less than 7 pieces!  When I rounded the corner and saw all these, it took my breath away.  I love this movie.
 And last but not least, the piece de resistance!  Captain Jack Sparrow himself!
 Isn't it funny how nice this looks?  I mean, you wouldn't think this was Cap'n Jack's get-up at first glance.  It's such a nice coat!  Just goes to show what some hair and accessories can do to finish off a character.  Fascinating.
Of course, I couldn't leave without getting my picture taken next to him!
 We had a blast checking out all the amazing costumes.  I've never seen anything like it!  If it ever comes to Edmonton, I'll have to take my mom.  When I showed her my pictures, she was flabergasted!
Seeing these works of art in person, close enough to touch, was really something.  I was floored by the attention to detail that went into each piece.  Most of them were distressed to look worn.  Unbelievable!  How cool would it be to have an opportunity to work for a costume company like this?


  1. Wow! Great photos, it looked like a lot of fun! Love your blog, will be back!

  2. Looks like an amazing visit! I agree it'd be fun to work for a company like that.

  3. Well, this looks like the most amazing place, I'd love to visit! Lucky you to get to see some of those stunning costumes!!