Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Adventures in Upholstery - Re-styled 50's Chair

It isn't too often we get a customer who's brave enough to let us completely modernize their beloved heirloom furniture.  This is a rare gem.  Check out this plain, old, and kinda ugly chair from the 50's.  The customer picked a modern, funky fabric, and we discussed design changes with her, and she let us totally go to town.
As always, I got to take it apart.  I quite enjoy pulling staples.  It's a mindless job, and it's quite physical, so I get a workout.  But I always wear gloves, otherwise my hands would be scratched and dinged up.
I did all the cutting, with Dad's guidance on a few key design features we were changing.  Most of this chair is comprised of plain rectangles, but there are shaped pieces at the front of the arms and the top sides of the backrest.

Dad did all the stapling.  We work as a team so as to function at top efficiency.  We always have at least half a dozen projects going on at the same time.  
We ordered new wooden feet for this chair to finish off the new modern look.
And here she is without the cushion.  This picture shows the truest colours.
And now she's done!  We did a simple cushion called a "bull-nose".  It's basically a plain rectangle that wraps around from top to bottom with 2 sides and a back zipper band.  Nice and clean.  Isn't it cute?
We were thrilled with this one, so we had to pose with it.  :)
Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE MY JOB?!!!


  1. Oh, I LOVE that updated chair!! So cute!!

  2. This is awesome, especially loving the fabric you chose!

  3. That chair got the best make-over. You really do have a very cool job!