Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scott & Jedi's Black Robes in Action - Halloween 2011

These guys were so excited to wear their costumes, they partied all weekend, starting on Friday night.  We finally get to see what Jedi's awesome makeup job looks like under that black hood.
Scott went for red, yellow, and white.  Ugh!  I'm getting scared already!
Holy mother of pearl.  Look at those eyes!  Unfreakingbelievable!!!
I can only imagine that these 2 were the talk of the party.  Creepy!  And again with those eyes!
How totally epic is this picture?!  I'm so unbelievably proud to have helped create this madness!
And last but not least, Scott won the costume prize at the bar and gets a trip to Vegas!  I'm so excited for him!  You guys both look amazing.  I love costumes so much.  :D

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