Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lightning Bolt Neckties for my boys in the band, White Lightning

This has got to be one of the coolest sewing gigs I've ever had in my life.  I'm so excited to share this with you!

A couple of my friends are in a band called White Lightning.  Steve, on the left, is a great friend who I met through a friend of a friend of a friend, and he's really cool.  Little did I know when I met him, that he was like super awesome friends and in a band with a kid I grew up with, Enoch, in the middle.  Small world!  Their buddy, Jason, on the right, rounds out White Lightning.  They're an awesome local band, and I am a huge fan, and so stoked that I got to make them something totally radical!
This is a photo of the boys from a while back.  Steve dreamed up these lightning bolt neckties and designed and photoshopped them into this picture.  I wanted to turn this image into reality.

I got my mom to take the image and blow it up so it would be true to size.  
 Steve's drafting was so well done, it made my job a total breeze!  I traced it out, made a pattern, and made a white cotton muslin.  It looks awesome!  I had so much fun making these.
 I cut the 3 real ones out of nice thick white satin and interfacing, all cut on the bias like real ties.
The sewing genie must have liked me that day, cuz everything turned out better than I could have imagined.  All my corners turned sharply, and when I pressed them flat, they looked so good!  They look like real ties, only way awesomer! 
 I sewed my labels on the back, which served a dual purpose of having my trademark on them, and also giving the tails a place to tuck into.
 To finish them off, I sewed safety pins on a thread chain on the back, so the guys can pin them to their shirts.  This allows them to rock out and go crazy without having to worry about their ties flipping about and getting in their way.
 Steve was super stoked when I gave him the ties, but unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the ties' debut show, so I had to wait for the pictures.  Well worth the wait!  Here Steve is fitting Jason with his new tie.
 I love this one.  Steve looks totally Zeppelin, if I can use that as an adjective.  And I just did.  Yeah.
 These guys are so fun.  How awesome are these pictures?!
 This one is so dramatic, and I love it.  Ooooooh...
 You guys look awesome!  I can't believe they're finally real!
 And then they totally rocked out.
Last but not least, here is a shameless plug for my boys:


  1. Those are a lot of fun! What a great idea!

  2. Great idea! The neckties look very nice and are extremely funny


    1. Ive been looking for a tie like these for months. All I want is a silver lightning tie!

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  4. Hot! Please tell me that you have an Etsy store where I can buy these..