Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scott's Costume Halloween 2011

Scott wanted to wear his black robe and stilts again, but he wanted to add some drama to it.  Here is the inspiration photo.  This is a warlock action figure from World of Warcraft.  Specifically, he wanted the sword and orb that hangs down from the belt, and he wanted to add some shape to his shoulders.

I suggested we make the shoulder armour like I made for Matthew's Jedi Costume earlier this year.  
Since he would be 8' tall, he wanted to make sure he balanced out his proportions, so he measured his 'suspender' length and the belt ended up sitting around his hips.  I cut the interfacing layer out of the heaviest denim I have in my stash.  This stuff is so thick, I don't think I would even attempt jeans with it, even with my industrial sewing machine.  At Thanksgiving dinner, I fitted the pieces on him.  Isn't that hood just the coolest thing?!
When he wore the robe in 2008, he had the hood down, because it kept falling down over his face.  This year, he tried to figure out a way to keep it up, and you'll be surprised that the simplest thing ended up being a solution.  A ball cap.  Genius.  Problem solved.
Look how much bigger it makes him look!  Holy shoulder armour, Batman!
After I finished the shoulder armour and belt, Scott came to the upholstery shop and helped me design the sword and orb.  I made them with leftover upholstery vinyl.  To attach it to the belt, I sewed it around the sides and bottom of the orb piece, securing everything nicely.  Scott put the studs in the middle of each square.
 I made him get dressed and undressed several times.  That's what you do at a fitting!  In this picture, I think he's standing on a milk crate, which was all we had in the shop that he could stand on.
I sewed velcro to the shoulder armour to keep it from falling down, which it did a lot before it got stuck properly.  There's a 5" strip of 1" velcro, and it goes from just in front of the shoulder seam to down by his shoulder blades.
Finally, I got him dressed one last time, and it's show-off time!  Woo hoo!
 Oooh, creepy.  I love it.
Mom had her camera going, too.  He was like, "I wanna see! Whoa!"
 More epic-ness to be unveiled in a later post!

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  1. Wow, very impressive! He must cut quite the figure in person!